Deep Purpose
A review of

Deep Purpose

The Heart and Soul of High-Performance Companies

Purpose Is Power (and Profit)

by David Meyer

Renowned business author Ranjay Gulati takes a deep dive into the power of purpose, its profitability and its pitfalls.

Harvard professor Ranjay Gulati details how Apple, Bühler Holding AG, LEGO and PepsiCo enhanced their performance and profits by embracing and amplifying a sense of purpose throughout their organizations.

By contrast, Facebook exemplifies the “convenient purpose” of mouthing correct-sounding mottos while causing harm. Gulati, who is the former head of the Organizational Behavior Unit at Harvard Business School and chair of its Advanced Management Program, delves into the nature, utility and implementation of purpose. He explains how to harness its transformative power to inspire your organization, employees and stakeholders to the benefit of your sense of meaning, profit margin and public perception.

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