Summary of Defining and Measuring the Success of a Learning Experience Platform

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Defining and Measuring the Success of a Learning Experience Platform summary

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Citi learning executives Tiffany Abinsay and Peter Fox helped the global bank make the transition from offering a fragmented, disorganized learning experience to providing one that’s unified – and increasingly popular. Citi’s new learning ecosystem provides employees with easier, more organized access to content and saves the bank time and money. The executives’ presentation at the 2018 Degreed LENS conference explains the bank’s motivation for developing a new learning platform, how it measures success, the results so far, what the organization would have done differently, and its plans for the future.

About the Speakers

Peter Fox is Citi’s global head of digital learning and talent strategy. Tiffany Abinsay heads learning technology at Citi. Lindsay Euller is director of client engagement at Degreed. 


With 200,000-plus employees in 91 countries, Citi needed a hub for its diverse, fragmented learning content. To fill that need, it made Degreed architecture the core and interface of a learning ecosystem uniting hundreds of previously disconnected components – including various libraries, such as TED, Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. Now, users can find relevant learning content much more efficiently. 

Citi debuted its new learning ecosystem globally in spring 2018. Within eight weeks...

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