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Depression-Free, Naturally

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Depression-Free, Naturally

7 Weeks to Eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue, and Anger from Your Life


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If you haven’t been able to talk through your depression (and most people can’t), try a natural, biochemical remedy.

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Biochemical imbalance, Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D., contends, is often to blame for your sadness and anxiety. If that is the case, she says you won’t find the cure in a therapist’s office. Instead, she suggests turning to biochemistry. You can’t expect your brain to function properly if your body’s chemistry is out of whack. Larson postulates that you can cure your emotional problems with a healthy diet and natural supplements. Note, however, that as desirable as this natural remedy may be, it isn’t easy to follow. You need to say good bye to lattes, sweet treats and fast food. Of course, smoking is out. Larson says her research and her work with thousands of patients validates her beliefs. Her health center sells many of the cures she discusses, but even though she may have a vested interest, she makes a heartfelt case for biochemical remedies. getAbstract recommends her work to anyone who is interested in alternative medical approaches to emotional problems or depression – with one caveat: Do your own research!


Your Brain is Out of Whack, Not Your Thoughts

Have you been feeling depressed, having destructive thoughts or experiencing negative emotions? Do you think you might need to see a therapist to get to the psychological root of your problems and get some answers? Think again – perhaps the cause of your depression or emotional upheaval is biochemical. The human brain must be organically stable to be healthy. Even talking your way to mental health with a therapist requires a chemically balanced brain. You need a proper balance of natural substances to nourish your body and mind, so you can have healthy emotions. Researchers have found many naturally based scientific explanations for psychological behavior. For example, yeast parasites can cause mental illness, and food allergies or airborne chemicals can alter your emotions.

If you are physically and mentally deprived of nutrients due to biochemical glitches in your physiology – either because of how you absorb nutrients or because you consume too much junk food, caffeine or alcohol – that can trigger an emotional imbalance. Pharmaceutical companies dish out a plethora of chemicals for these imbalances, but they don’t market...

About the Author

Dr. Joan Mathews Larson is founder and executive director of a Minneapolis, Minnesota health center that markets many of the supplements she discusses. She wrote the bestselling Seven Weeks to Sobriety.

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