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The Unfiltered Lessons of a Female Entrepreneur

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Big Think co-founder Victoria Montgomery Brown shares the highs and lows of being a female entrepreneur.

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Victoria Montgomery Brown candidly covers the highs and lows of being a female entrepreneur. Brown and co-founder Peter Hopkins started the online firm Big Think, which offers short, informational videos made with leading experts. Brown begins with how a vengeful ex-boss got the police to arrest her, and why you must be transparent with investors about everything, including a criminal record. She tracks issues women entrepreneurs face with raising funds, being the boss, maintaining partnerships, handling sexism, and more. To warn and encourage female executives, Brown hits each facet of starting and leading a company.  


Entrepreneurs should never lie to their investors (even if they just got arrested).

Victoria Montgomery Brown, co-founder and CEO of Big Think, worried her company would fall apart when the New York City Police (NYPD) called her to a midtown precinct and arrested her. An amused detective said she’d angered some powerful people.

Her arrest had roots in the past. In 2003, right after completing her MBA from Harvard Business School, Brown went to work for a major television journalist, “Mr. Snider,” who had a prime-time show. A friend and Harvard classmate introduced her to Snider. After she freelanced for several months, Snider hired Brown the night before Thanksgiving. She worked for him as a producer who booked guests, including big names in entertainment, fashion, politics and business.

After six months, Brown became a recruiter seeking Ivy League graduates to work for Snider, who had an obsession with Harvard. In the spring of 2004, Snider hired producer Peter Hopkins, a Harvard grad. Brown and Hopkins instantly clicked; he was tall, handsome, gay and funny. They created a parody website called WASPdate. ...

About the Author

Victoria Montgomery Brown is the CEO and co-founder of Big Think, an online company that offers short informational videos featuring leaders and experts.

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