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Dinosaur to Dynamo

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Dinosaur to Dynamo

How 20 Old Economy Companies Are Winning in the New Economy


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Jurassic Inc.: Those old dinosaurs aren’t extinct after all.

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Old-economy companies weren’t supposed to survive the dot-com era, but some of the "dinosaurs" adapted and they’re doing quite well, thank you. Accomplished business author David Stauffer profiles 20 old-economy companies that excel at e-business. The usual-suspect behemoths, such as Ford and Bertelsmann, are here, but he also profiles a six-man automobile transmission shop in Arizona, seed stock ranchers in Montana and other less-than-obvious candidates. Stauffer says that every company’s path toward e-commerce is unique, but that path is nonetheless generally approved and determined by management. Thus, change is hard to manage without CEO support, even if the CEO dates back to dinosaur days. So if you run a traditional company - with actual assets - and you want to make that difficult evolutionary stride toward e-commerce, getabstract suggests that you might find concise instruction here.


Jurassic Inc.

Despite the hype, old-economy businesses are not doomed and can, in fact, adapt to change and sometimes even outperform their dot-com competitors.

While it’s too early to judge whether these companies will be long-term winners in the 21st century, a close look at 20 brick-and-mortar businesses that embraced the new economy’s wired ways can provide a blueprint for building the modern, connected enterprise.

These 20 companies all rapidly adopted new technology and are thriving, even as their former dot-com counterparts struggle to survive: Merck-Medco, Eaton Aeroquip, Powell’s Books, Snap-On Incorporated, N-Bar Land and Cattle Company, Inditex SA, Enron Corporation, Rosenbluth International, Ltd., Dovebid Inc., Cemex SA, Charles Schwab Corporation, Tesco PLC, Office Depot, Quality Transmission Service, Antevia Inc., Bertelsmann AG, Ford Motor Company, Eastman Chemical Company and the General Electric Company.

Find Your Own E-Path

Every company makes its way into the digital reality as an individual entity. Every company’s use of emerging technologies will be unlike that of any other company - even those in the same industry...

About the Author

Business writer David Stauffer  heads the corporate writing firm Stauffer Bury Inc., in Red Lodge, Montana. He is the author of books on AOL and Cisco, dozens of articles in leading business periodicals and hundreds of annual reports and other corporate communications. He can be reached by e-mail at

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