Divergent Mind
A review of

Divergent Mind

Thriving in a World That Wasn’t Designed for You


by David Meyer

Jenara Nerenberg traces her journey to self-knowledge as she examines the discrimination directed toward women with ADHD, autism and extreme sensitivities.

Harvard and Berkeley-educated writer, entrepreneur and mother, Jenara Nerenberg traces her life’s journey to self-knowledge through examining the discrimination faced by women with ADHD, autism and extreme sensitivities. Nerenberg weaves her own neurodivergency throughout this compelling combination of emotional awakening, medical fact, call for action and plea for understanding. She dissects without bitterness and with the goal of enlightening readers the way the world favors so-called “normal” individuals with neurotypical brain functions. Nerenberg argues for a movement – akin to a civil rights movement – celebrating a range of brain processes and perceptions.

Both literary critics and those who work with the neurodiverse offer high praise for Nerenberg’s melange of personal essay and journalism. Elaine Aron, PhD, best-selling author of The Highly Sensitive Person, said, “…Nerenberg offers a unique blend of personal, scientific and societal analysis. Divergent Mind is really for all women, giving them the chance to understand each others’ invisible differences and gifts.” And Booklist wrote, “Empowering….This important book not only advocates for research and innovation; it demonstrates the power of acceptance, kindness and the celebration of differences.”

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