Do Open
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Do Open

How a Simple Newsletter Can Transform Your Business (And It Can)

David HieattDo Book Co • 2017

Vest In Email

by David Meyer

David Hieatt offers basic, helpful guidance to using emails to expand and maintain your customer base.

David Hieatt, entrepreneur and founder of the business education series “The Do Lectures,” turns these lectures into books. Guest authors write some of them, and he pens the others; Do Open is one of the latter. Hieatt uses compelling evidence to explain why and how newsletters can help all companies, whether large or small. He offers practicable tips for effective newsletter writing and sharing.

But – and for good reason – the author never mentions that Generations Y and Z are turning away from email in droves. Since the entire point of his book is to encourage you to embrace email, Hieatt wisely wastes few words on the medium’s potential obsolescence. Still, his direct, basic, well-founded and applicable advice offers great worth if you intend to vest deeply in email as a marketing tool. 

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