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Do Over

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Do Over

Make Today the First Day of Your New Career


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Prepare in advance for your “career do over” by investing in yourself.

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Prolific business author Jon Acuff offers a handy formula for investing in your career by building a Career Savings Account made up of four investments: “relationships, skills, character and hustle.” He devotes a section to each one, and shows you how to weather the four major career transitions: “Jumps, Bumps, Ceilings” and “Opportunities.” Most people don’t plan their career transitions. These transitions can be voluntary or involuntary, positive or negative, but you can manage all of them if you invest in yourself. Acuff offers practical advice, and he’s downright funny when discussing how to deal with “stupid people” who gain promotion anyway, how to avoid workplace complainers, how to find advocates, how to polish your skills, and more. getAbstract recommends his advice to professionals who see a career change coming down the track and especially to those who don’t. 


Why You Might Need a “Career Do Over”

No matter how bad your boss is or how you feel about your job, you can make a career change at any rank or age. And your company can always create a career change, whether you are ready or not. Don’t be blindsided by a sudden job shift because you didn’t prepare.

Sooner or later, you will experience one – or more – of the four kinds of career turning points: “a Career Jump, a Career Bump, Career Ceiling or Career Opportunity.” Handle them by building your “Career Savings Account” (CSA) in advance. It requires four kinds of investment: “relationships, skills, character and hustle.”

If you’ve hit a career ceiling, break through it by using your skills. A career jump means taking matters into your own hands. Usually, this entails changing companies, getting a promotion, starting your own business or continuing your professional development. When career jumps are in the offing, draw from the character portion of your CSA.

A career opportunity is a door that swings open when something unexpected happens, such as your boss’s job becomes available or friend calls with the perfect lead. That’s when you want...

About the Author

The author of six best-selling books, Jon Acuff is a social media blogger and frequent contributor to CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA, and other media outlets.

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