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Don’t Just Throw Together a Webinar

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Don’t Just Throw Together a Webinar

The Virtual Events Crash Course You Need

First Round,

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Hone your virtual community-building skills during COVID-19 social distancing.

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In this discussion in the First Round Review, David Spinks, VP of Community for CMX, offers guidance on using the best practices in virtual conferencing so your gatherings work for your participants and your bottom line. Spinks urges companies to experiment with online conferencing platforms. He provides tips on facilitating virtual small group discussions. In helping you access the business opportunities that emerge from a healthy community, Spinks emphasizes the importance of making an authentic connection with webinar participants and supporting them with helpful content and valuable experiences.


With in-person events canceled, now is the time for community engagement teams to experiment, learn and sharpen their skills in creating virtual events.

First Round published this interview with David Spinks, VP of Community for CMX, a networking platform for community professionals. With more than 10 years’ experience advising start-ups and other organizations on community-building strategies that contribute to business success, Spinks emphasizes that the best contemporary businesses have long offered online and in-person community-building opportunities to customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders. Companies can easily develop the skills and acquire the software and infrastructure needed to create that balance.

You can organize and stage virtual events more quickly than you can facilitate in-person gatherings, so move fast while people are hungry for interaction. Give speakers plenty of time to prepare, but get your event in front of people quickly.

Use only one software platform – no audience wants to juggle varied programs to handle different aspects of an experience. A centralized resource enables geographically scattered...

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The First Round Review is published by First Round, a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to technology companies.

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