Dream Teams
A review of

Dream Teams

Working Together Without Falling Apart

Shane SnowPortfolio • 2018

Embrace Team Diversity

by David Meyer

Bestseller Shane Snow breaks down how to gather, sustain, motivate and inspire diverse teams to collaborate over the long term.

Journalist Shane Snow – co-founder of Contently, one of Ad Age’s best places to work in the United States – details how groundbreaking ideas often stem from collaboration. But not all teamwork, he explains, is created equal. In this entertaining and informative exploration, Snow guides you through the process of building a dream team that finds the teamwork sweet spot. He emphasizes the power of cognitive diversity in boosting innovation and solving problems. Snow outlines strategies for overcoming friction, conformity and organizational silence, while advocating mutual respect and openness to “bad ideas.” He says team members bond by sharing personal stories that help them appreciate their differences.

Most of Snow’s ideas are neither new nor unique, but his enthusiastic style makes them easy to read and memorable.

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