Summary of 4 Key Challenges for the Global Economy this Autumn

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4 Key Challenges for the Global Economy this Autumn summary
Economist Anders Borg highlights political risks to the global economy in fall 2016.


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With the world on a better macroeconomic footing in 2016 than it has been for several years, potential political hazards are now at the forefront of concern for the global economy. In this brief article, Anders Borg of the World Economic Forum provides insights about risks that confront the United States, Europe, Russia and China. getAbstract recommends this informative analysis to business and financial executives, policy makers, and investors who want an idea of what might lie ahead for the global economy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the outcomes of the US presidential election might augur and
  • What political risks in Europe, Russia and China challenge the world economy in the fall of 2016.


In the fall of 2016, the global economy and world financial markets have reasons to be warier of political risks than of purely economic ones.

In the United States, markets say the most likely US presidential election outcome is a winning Hillary Clinton bid, leading to an administration...
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About the Author

Anders Borg leads the Global Financial System Initiative at the World Economic Forum.

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