Summary of 50 Companies That Changed the World

Incisive Profiles of the 50 Organizations, Large and Small, That Have Shaped the Course of Modern Business

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50 Companies That Changed the World book summary
If you thought rankings based on influence, popularity and money went out with high school, think again. Here are the fifty top companies, in order of muscle.


7 Overall

5 Applicability

7 Innovation

8 Style


Howard Rothman, a writer who specializes in technology and management, profiles the 50 companies that had the strongest impact on the development of modern business. He sought input from high-tech executives, teachers, public relations professionals, engineers, business writers, shopkeepers, salespeople and managers in selecting the top 50, which he ranks in the order of their influence. While many of the stories in these four-page portraits are familiar, the book presents helpful historical profiles of how each company developed and influenced the business world and society. While some readers may like tackling all these capsule bios as a collection, many may prefer to regard the book more as an encyclopedia or directory and draw on the corporate information as needed. getAbstract appreciates the solid work here, although the result may be more interesting as a reference book than as a cover-to-cover page-turner.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How 50 top companies have changed our lives as consumers; and
  • How these companies managed to stay ahead of the competition.


Living in a Corporate World
Fifty pivotal companies dramatically and permanently affected the evolving structure of business and society. Virtually all of them continue to have a big impact on how you live.

Just as an example, the author wrote this book on an Apple computer...
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About the Author

Howard Rothman has been a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, book author, newspaper publisher, Internet content provider, small business owner and consultant to major corporations, among other occupations. He has written seven books, including the best-selling and critically acclaimed: Companies with a Conscience: Intimate Portraits of Twelve Firms That Make a Difference, which he co-authored with Mary Scott.

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