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Barack Obama book summary
Learn what makes Barack Obama a skilled politician. Could he become president despite the doubts and criticism?


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This blatantly positive profile of presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama presents the man, his positions and specific responses to the criticisms against him. Extensive direct quotes from the candidate himself plus 30 pages of footnotes buttress the book’s powerful, if partisan, presentation. John K. Wilson, a former student of Obama’s, omits some important things, however, it is only fair to note that some hot campaign topics (such as Reverend Wright) emerged after the book's publication. Wilson also makes a few odd comments (for instance, drawing a link between low black unemployment and the high incarceration rate under Bill Clinton). Still, he sets forth a compelling case for Obama and provides observations about the Senator’s formative years, accomplishments and policies. He offers some good insights, for example, he discusses the role cynicism plays in politics and the role of white guilt. While Wilson sometimes gets carried away with his support of the candidate, he notes that both the far right and the far left have attacked Obama, so he must be doing something correctly. getAbstract recommends this to voters who want the story (albeit somewhat sunny) behind the candidate and to Obama supporters seeking more information about their presidential hopeful.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What Barack Obama’s background is;
  • What he has accomplished;
  • What his political philosophy is;
  • Why he appeals to voters; and
  • What the truth about the unsubstantiated attacks on his positions is.


Avoiding Slash-and-Burn Politics
Barack Hussein Obama announced his presidential candidacy on February 10, 2007, in Springfield, Illinois . Stressing the need for serious change and his membership in a “different generation,” Obama, 45, said the U.S. had suffered “small-minded,” “...
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About the Author

John K. Wilson is the author of Patriotic Correctness, How the Left Can Win With Arguments and Influence People, A Tactical Manual for Pragmatic Progressives, Newt Gingrich, and Myth of Political Correctness.

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