Summary of Cyber Attacks on Critical Energy Infrastructures Are Increasing Globally


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Cyber Attacks on Critical Energy Infrastructures Are Increasing Globally summary
Cyber attacks on power plants, grids and pipelines are terrorism’s latest frontier.


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This short article packs in a comprehensive overview of the threats that “critical energy infrastructures” (CEIs) increasingly face. International energy security consultant Frank Umbach dissects recent terrorist attacks and explains the potential severity of far-reaching, disruptive and costly cyber attacks. getAbstract recommends this report on the growing threat of weapons – both material and virtual – to leaders in the energy and technology industries as well as to anyone concerned about domestic and global energy security.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why terrorist attacks on “critical energy infrastructures” such as oil and gas plants are rising,
  • Why cyber attacks are potentially more disruptive than physical attacks, and
  • How the cyber security market is growing.


In January 2013, Islamist terrorists overran one of Algeria’s largest gas plants, precipitating a hostage standoff and “the worst terrorist attack on oil and gas installations in the industry’s 150-year history.” Gunmen infiltrated the installation despite its guarded, remote site in the Sahara Desert...
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About the Author

Frank Umbach is a senior associate at the Centre for European Security Strategies and a consultant on international energy security.

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