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Ukraine’s civil war has claimed thousands of lives and displaced more than a million people. The United States imposed tough sanctions on Russia, calling on President Vladimir Putin to halt Russian backing for separatist rebels. Author Marvin Kalb, a veteran journalist who served CBS News and NBC News as chief diplomatic correspondent and Moscow bureau chief, is an expert on national security and United States–Russia relations. He exhorts the West to study the region’s history. Kalb asserts that Western leaders’ ignorance contributed to the morass and that they can help solve it only by gaining a greater understanding of the region and its history. Part primer and part admonishment, Kalb’s overview provides a concise, engaging history of Ukraine and Russia, elucidating this vital, knotty conflict.

In this book, you will learn

  • How Ukraine and Russia have intertwined throughout history,
  • How the Ukrainian civil war began,
  • Why Russian president Vladimir Putin moved into Crimea and Ukraine,
  • What Ukraine should do to achieve peace, and
  • How the West can help.

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