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Jobs summary
The World Bank delivers a state-of-the-world report on jobs and employment.


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This in-depth research from the World Bank covers the latest on developing world employment: the economic, political and social aspects of what constitutes work in many emerging nations. The text precisely defines a concept – a job – that is difficult to pin down, given the myriad ways people labor and the complex significance that work has for human beings. The team of World Bank analysts who compiled this study uses its wide-ranging data to press the case for better developmental policies that will facilitate job growth and enhance the jobs that millions already perform worldwide. getAbstract recommends this far-reaching report to economists, policy makers and executives who want to understand how to address one of the 21st century’s biggest economic and social challenges: jobs.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What constitutes a job in the developing world,
  • Why jobs are critical to human progress and
  • How policy makers can apply job strategies effectively to meet diverse challenges in various developing countries.


It’s Not Just a Job
Individuals value their jobs for what they bring: certainly money, often benefits, sometimes prestige and usually satisfaction. As you progress in your work, it can change who you are, how you perceive the world and how the world sees you. But work carries a greater...
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About the Author

The World Bank, operating as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Development Association, works with member nations to fight global poverty.

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    Ram Venkataraman 4 years ago
    Is this a summary of a book or a 2 para essay?
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      Deirdre Cody 4 years ago
      Many thanks for your comment. This is a summary of a 400-page World Bank report. You can access the full report (free of charge) at this link:

      Kind regards,
      Deirdre Cody (editor at getAbstract)

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