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James Stavridis, a US Naval Academy graduate and retired four-star admiral, has more than 35 years of active service in the US Navy. He served as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Global Operations. While in the Navy, he sailed the world’s oceans and seas for decades. Stavridis leverages his remarkable naval background and experience to explain the basics of “sea power” and its strategic military and commercial importance. His comprehensive overview of sea power is accessible and relevant, as well as timely in today’s contentious political environment, which demands constant awareness of what’s happening on every sea and ocean. Stavridis helps you understand how and why a navy becomes an extension of its nation’s will. His comprehensive overview of sea power is relevant and timely.

In this book, you will learn

  • What important commercial and military roles Earth’s oceans and seas fulfill,
  • Why “sea power” is vital, and
  • What the United States does to maintain its naval power.  

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