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The Bottom Billion summary
The US’s postwar treatment of Europe provides a precedent for developing the “bottom billion.”


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Economist Paul Collier sheds light on a seemingly hopeless situation – the plight of the poor in developing countries. Collier’s lecture focuses on one simple solution – international standards regarding natural resource extraction and revenue management. getAbstract recommends his hopeful, enlightening oration to policy makers and aid workers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How Western nations can help the world’s struggling “bottom billion,”
  • How “commodity booms” create opportunities for economic improvement, and
  • Why healthy governance and international standards are essential to long-term growth in developing nations.


Earth’s poorest economies have been stagnant for four decades. Their citizens – “the bottom billion” – are on a trajectory that diverges from the “rest of mankind.” How can rich societies encourage development in these nations? The answer lies in the
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About the Speaker

Economist Paul Collier is the director for the Center of African Studies at Oxford University.

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