Summary of The Walk from “No” to “Yes”

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The Walk from “No” to “Yes” summary
The journey to peace, no matter how long or bumpy, begins with a single step.


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William Ury’s uplifting lecture offers hope for the world’s most entrenched conflicts. A respected negotiator on the world stage, Ury avers that solutions exist in a “third side” – that is, the involvement of supportive, unifying individuals and global communities. He literally walks the walk as an organizer of the first Abraham walk across the Middle East. getAbstract recommends that every peace lover and humanitarian follow in his footsteps.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why no conflicts are truly unresolvable;
  • How to apply the concept of the “third side,” a supportive, unifying influence and
  • How every person can advance the cause of peace.


A Middle Eastern fable tells of a man who left 17 camels to his three...
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About the Speaker

Negotiation advisor and mediator William Ury co-wrote Getting to Yes and Getting to Peace.

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