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Peak performance coach Akash Karia discusses the seven major habits of “emotionally resilient” people and explains how to integrate these behaviors into your life. Experts claim that the most successful people aren’t necessarily the most intelligent or best educated; they’re the most emotionally resilient. They don’t let negative emotions cloud their judgment. Instead, they acknowledge such feelings as being inevitable and take responsibility for their actions. They can step back from a situation and not allow their emotions to take over. Karia provides tips for handling negativity, including adopting power poses, changing focus, using questions to develop greater self-awareness, and more. His easy-to-read manual contains valuable advice backed up by research. getAbstract recommends Karia’s useful method to anyone dealing with sadness, anger, frustration or other negative emotions.

About the Author

Akash Karia is a speaker and peak performance coach who specializes in resilience training. He has trained more than 80,000 people around the world.



Processing Negative Emotions

Say something negative happens in your life. It could be a fight with your spouse, a divorce, losing a promotion at work, a co-worker gossiping about you or failing a class at school. You might feel so hurt, angry or afraid that these negative emotions take over your life. Everybody responds to stress and negativity differently. Some may isolate themselves from friends and eat too much ice cream. Others may lash out by screaming. But successful people are “emotionally resilient,” and they can confront their negative emotions without being overwhelmed.

Taking control of your negative emotions isn’t the same thing as suppressing them. Suppression is harmful because negative emotions are part of life. Instead of stifling your emotions, develop awareness of them. Learn to “mind the gap” between a stimulus – what just happened – and how you respond to it. People who are emotionally resilient take control of that gap.

Emotionally resilient people have seven basic habits that help give them control over their feelings. To master your emotions, understand and implement these habits: 

Habit 1: Respect Your Emotions


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