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Empathy-Driven Development

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Empathy-Driven Development

How Engineers Can Tap into This Critical Skill

First Round Review,

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Empathy and technology aren’t incompatible. In fact, they’re deeply interrelated.

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Empathy is essential for strong, effective coding and healthy workplaces. This First Round Review article explains Andrea Goulet’s theory on empathy in the tech and coding industries. The CEO of Corgibytes offers many practical tips for advancing empathy in the office. This is helpful for software engineers, developers, programmers and managers hoping to give their teams all the advantages that empathy offers – and for anyone uncertain that empathy offers any advantages at all. 


Empathy improves team diversity, communication and work product. 

Technology companies have long dismissed empathy as mere sentimentality. Although its importance in building diversity, more effective communication and better products is becoming more accepted, coding teams still are at the beginning of incorporating it into their processes.

To build an empathetic workplace, first debunk three common misconceptions about empathy.

Since many coders excel at problem-solving, dispelling three myths about empathy makes it less intimidating and dismissible:

  1. Myth 1: Empathy is irrational – Cognitive empathy, for example, is a highly rational process that helps you understand...

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First Round Review is an online magazine and resource for start-ups, venture capitalists and the entrepreneurial community. 

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