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Endless Referrals

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Endless Referrals

Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales


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Networking and developing qualified business prospects is an essential skill you need to master.

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People think they’re networking when they hand out a business card and slap a new acquaintance on the back. However, true networking is all about getting people to "know, like and trust" you. After all, says Bob Burg, this is why people will buy from you. How do you become one of these esteemed people? By encouraging people to talk about themselves. By being the first one to do the referring in a relationship. And, by using Burg’s easy-to-apply strategies for attracting and qualifying prospects, getting first appointments and following through. Burg constantly reminds us that if you help others selflessly, you will reap the benefits. In fact, he argues many of his points long after you are nodding your head in agreement, but the points are usually well worth making. If you want to become a high-powered networker rather than an occasional networker, getAbstract recommends this book to you.


Why Endless Referrals?

Keep your sales practice healthy by building an "endless" list of referrals. This strong list of prospects will build your confidence, and enable you to value your product or service and treat the sales process with respect. Endless referrals give you "posture," the ability to keep an emotional distance from the sales process. You care, but not too much. Sometimes, it's better to walk away rather than compromise; posture allows you to do that. A long list of quality names gives you peace of mind and alleviates any worry about where you'll find your next prospect.

The best way to build a sales practice is to network. The definition of sales networking is, "An arrangement of people crossed at regular intervals by other people, all of whom are cultivating mutually beneficial, give-and-take, win-win relationships with each other."


Joe Girard, who made the Guinness World Records for 14 consecutive years by selling more cars than anyone else, devised the "Law of 250." This states that each person has a "sphere of influence" of 250 people. He came up with this figure when he realized that this is the average number of people...

About the Author

Bob Burg is founder and president of a communications company in Jupiter, Florida. He frequently speaks about communication skills and sales networking. His previous book, Winning without Intimidation, sold more than 100,000 copies.

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