Summary of Enhancing Europe’s Competitiveness

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Enhancing Europe’s Competitiveness summary
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With the decline of many traditional industries in Europe, the search for growth focuses on innovation. Europe has been a relative underperformer in the disruption race, and the World Economic Forum suggests it should up its game in this comprehensive overview of the state of entrepreneurialism in the region. The report offers some useful insights and suggestions for reigniting the engine of growth. getAbstract recommends this well-thought-out presentation to anyone interested in a better understanding of the current environment for innovation and start-ups in Europe.

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The World Economic Forum is an independent global organization that engages leaders of business, politics, academia and society to improve the state of the world.



The first 51 apps Rovio, a Finnish start-up, created failed commercially, but the 52nd, Angry Birds, was a game changer: It has had 500 million downloads. Rovio is an unbridled but all-too-rare European success story. While Europe is home to half of the 10 most innovative national economies in the world, many European nations distinctly lag. As small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have accounted for 80% of net new jobs since 2008 and more than 50% of total added business value, the future prosperity of the continent depends on fostering an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. In particular...

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