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This episode of The Innovation Engine podcast focuses on productivity engineering at Netflix. Andy Glover, Netflix’s director of productivity engineering, discusses his team’s role in supporting efficiency and innovation for all developers, and how aspects of Netflix’s culture have facilitated its tremendous growth.

About the Podcast

3Pillar Global’s The Innovation Engine podcast features interviews with best-selling authors and innovation experts from around the world, focusing on corporate innovation through the lenses of leadership, company culture, and emerging trends and technologies. Andy Glover is director of productivity engineering at Netflix.


Productivity engineering contributes to efficiency and innovation by allowing developers to focus on building business features.

Supporting developer productivity means allowing developers to focus on building business features – and reducing the time they have to spend on mundane aspects of the software delivery life cycle, such as setting up integrated development environments (IDEs), running builds and tests, and delivering and maintaining code. Productivity engineering aims to streamline everyday tasks like these in order to free up developers’ time to produce business logic. Productivity engineers develop expertise in three domains: local development experience, delivery experience and developers’ everyday operational experience.

Netflix’s productivity engineering team led the development of three centralized platforms available for all developers to use: the Atlas telemetry system, the Spinnaker software delivery system and the NEWT command-line tool, which helps in local development by creating environments.

Productivity engineering can also help solve platform engineering challenges that arise with business growth.

As Netflix has grown into a ...

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