A review of


How Male Privilege Hurts Women

Kate ManneCrown • 2020

Oppressive Assumptions

by David Meyer

Philosophy professor Kate Manne breaks down in detail the manifestations of male entitlement in America and how that entitlement oppresses and belittles women.

Many men behave with a sense of entitlement that hampers women’s ability to live autonomously and pursue equal access to essentials such as health care and career opportunities. Philosophy professor Kate Manne describes entitlement as a misogynistic desire to preserve masculine power and privilege in areas men historically controlled. She combines essay-like prose with exhaustive research and political analysis to dismantle myths that justify male privilege in law enforcement, government and private life. Manne hopes today’s girls inherit a world in which men don’t block women from living healthy, fulfilling lives.

To understand misogyny, Manne suggests viewing it as a method by which society enforces patriarchal expectations and norms by threatening women and girls with gender-based hostility. People rationalize misogyny based on sexism, which is a set of ideas, assumptions and beliefs justifying men’s domination of women.

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