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Equity Markets

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Equity Markets

Slowing but Still Strong

Boston Consulting Group,

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After an exceptional 2013 and a tamer but still robust 2014, global stock markets leave many investors wondering what’s next in 2015.

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Although the future is never certain, a good run of above-average growth in global stock markets since the 2008 crisis points to equities’ solid staying power. The Boston Consulting Group’s Gerry Hansell, Jeffrey Kotzen, Frank Plaschke, Eric Olsen and Hady Farag sort through the 2014 total shareholder returns of more than 6,000 firms in 44 markets around the world to come up with some ideas on how stocks might perform in 2015. Though not endorsing any investment, getAbstract suggests this excellent synopsis of equity market trends to investors and executives.


Buoyant global equity markets in five of the six years after the 2008 crisis may leave investors wondering what’s next for stocks. While past results don’t assure future outcomes, 2014’s strong markets may signal “that expansion will continue for some time to come.” The MSCI All Country World Investable Market Index measured a 9.9% total shareholder return (TSR) in 2014, down from 2013’s exceptional 26% but on a par with long-term averages. A study of the 2014 TSR of more than 6,000 firms in 44 markets drew four conclusions:

  1. Developing countries had the highest returns. China led the way with a TSR ...

About the Authors

Gerry Hansell, Jeffrey Kotzen and Frank Plaschke are managing directors at the Boston Consulting Group, where Eric Olsen is a senior adviser and Hady Farag is a principal.

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