Ethics 101
A review of

Ethics 101

There's only one rule for making decisions

 Do Unto Others

by David Meyer

Bestseller John C. Maxwell condenses his vast business experience into a concise, applicable guide to living an ethical life.

In this short volume, New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell applies the years he has spent considering leadership, faith and ethical action. His clarity makes his beliefs apparent, and he uses a simple, candid tone that reflects his remarkable straightforwardness regarding ethics. Ambiguous, Maxwell is not. He makes his points clearly, showcasing the blunt language that sustains his remarkable book sales across a range of topics. But whether he’s writing about leadership, inner turmoil or collaboration, across his many books Maxwell has always been concerned with morals and morality in action.

Consistent Rules

First, Maxwell declares, it isn’t possible to have one set of ethical rules for business and another for your personal life. People make poor ethical decisions, or actively choose an unethical path because they do what is easy, not what they know is right. Or they think they must be unethical to get ahead. Or they let situational ethics – doing what seems right in specific situations rather than following a consistent code of behavior – guide them.

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