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The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women


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The mother of all demographic groups — literally.

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Ignore the infuriating capitalization and focus on what Faith Popcorn is telling you: Women make 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. The successful businesses of the future will be those that revamp their marketing strategies to appeal to this mother-of-all demographic groups, Popcorn says. She then lays out a fairly comprehensive plan for doing just that. Rich with case studies of gender-based marketing principles in action, the book is witty, intelligent and convincing. getAbstract recommends it as a must-read in marketing, branding or strategic planning.


Pop(corn) Quiz

Consumer markets are changing faster than ever before. To understand how and why, try to answer the following questions:

  1. The Web has many successful women-only sites. Why are there no such sites for men?
  2. How and why has the take-out foods industry changed America’s eating habits?
  3. Why do home spas and other pampering products suddenly have mass appeal?
  4. Why are industrial appliances and professional cookware the new standards at home?
  5. Why is door-to-door selling booming?
  6. Why don’t kids dress like kids anymore?
  7. Why have women created a $9.8 billion marketplace for alternative medicines?
  8. Why have organic foods become a major market force?

The underlying market reality that unifies these phenomena and answers these questions is the simple fact that women now represent the single largest class of consumers. Women are now the dominant economic force in the U.S. Today, women either buy or influence the purchase of 80% of all consumer goods. The male bastions no longer stand. Women actually buy 50% of the cars...

About the Authors

Faith Popcorn of New York City is a top forecaster of cultural and consumer trends. An advisor to many of the Fortune 500, she founded Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, a major marketing consulting firm. She is author of The Popcorn Report and co-author with Lys Marigold of Clicking both U.S. bestsellers. Marigold, co-creator of The Popcorn Report was BrainReserve’s creative director for 12 years. A resident of Easthampton, New York, she is working on three books: Ancient Games, The Art of Change and The Homelife of Slugs.

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