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Tech investor Angela Strange makes a bold claim in the title of her intriguing video talk. She recaps how a disruptive transformation is already unfolding in the financial industry, and she offers examples of cutting-edge services facilitating the change. Though Strange addresses the complexity of banking’s regulatory infrastructure, she does not cover consumer protections, a hot-button technology topic in the United States and Europe. Financial innovation is her main theme, and readers will get a heady look at the future of fintech and financial innovation.

About the Speaker

Angela Strange is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where she focuses on investments in financial services.


Innovation has been slow to come to financial services.

Creative change is hard to bring to the financial industry, due to its complex organization and regulations. This environment complicates the operations and budgets of companies seeking to offer financial services, whether they are fintech start-ups or giants like Apple.

For example, starting a bank involves building several systems, including databases, payment transfer mechanisms and compliance. Innovation in banking infrastructure, however, is making progress in the form of multiple firms offering systems in functional slices.

The availability of banking “infrastructure ‘as...

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