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Everyone Deserves a Great Manager

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Everyone Deserves a Great Manager

The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team

Simon & Schuster,

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FranklinCovey executives explain six pivotal practices for new managers.

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What makes a manager great? In this practical guide, Scott Miller and his co-authors, Todd David and Victoria Roos Olsson – all executives at FranklinCovey – enlighten and educate new managers on the best leadership practices. Miller goes through the mistakes he made on his way to becoming a seasoned manager and presents them as lessons learned. The authors present six easy-to-follow strategies that both novice and experienced managers can use to gain wisdom, efficiency and greater productivity.


New managers should learn six pivotal management practices and seasoned managers should review them.

Scott Miller admits his management style was all wrong when he was three months into his new job at the Covey Leadership Center, now FranklinCovey. When he started, at age 27, he monitored when his team members arrived at work and when they left. He forbade them to waste even a minute of the work day on personal matters. Miller insisted that one employee review her colleagues’ voicemails during her honeymoon and report anything suspicious back to him. During this period, the author says he was “tyrannical” and “a nightmare.”

Miller eventually outgrew his boorish behavior and became an admirable, effective and accomplished manager. On the way, he learned significant lessons about leadership, including six pivotal management strategies.

Having reduced their management ranks, companies now have fewer experienced managers to teach new managers how to do their jobs. However, you can become an excellent manager by following six practical, field-tested strategies: 

Strategy One: Develop...

About the Authors

Scott Miller, the executive vice president of thought leadership at FranklinCovey, hosts On Leadership With Scott Miller, a weekly webcast, podcast and newsletter. Todd Davis, FranklinCovey’s chief people officer, has more than 30 years of experience in human resources, talent development, recruiting, sales and marketing. Victoria Roos Olsson is a senior leadership consultant for FranklinCovey. 

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