Executive Presence for the Modern Leader
A review of

Executive Presence for the Modern Leader

A Guide to Cultivating Success and Thriving in the Workplace

D.A. BentonCallisto • 2021

Cool, Calm and Collected

by David Meyer

Executive coach D.A. Benton – author of New York Times bestseller How To Think Like a CEO – details how you can develop executive presence.

New York Times bestseller and worldwide top-ten executive coach D.A. Benton’s thesis is that successful CEOs gain “executive presence from following an unwritten code of conduct or etiquette.” Few people speak about this code, she says, and those born into homes where they learn it as children grow up with an unfair advantage. Benton shares this code to help you realize your leadership dreams and ambitions. Whether you are beginning your leadership journey or already working in a corner office, Benton will help you make a strong impression, gain people’s trust and express yourself authentically.

Olga Selina, vice president of business operations at HERE, Inc., says, “Benton provides you with the tools and guidance to create a tailor-made executive presence that optimizes your strengths, helps you identify and minimize your weaknesses and bad habits, and learn from your failures.“ And Lisette Bergeron, vice president of Leidos, found that Benton offers, “a set of skills to develop and evolve, which empowers me to take full responsibility for the effect I have on others.”

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