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How the next digital revolution will rewire life on Earth

Azeem AzharRandom House • 2021

An Exponential Tomorrow

Host of the Exponential View podcast Azeem Azhar paints a detailed, grim portrait of a future in which tech giants immune to the will of governments or citizens dominate.

Host of the Exponential View podcast Azeem Azhar weaves today’s technology trends into a cohesive, urgent wake-up call. Exponentially improving computational, biological, manufacturing and energy technologies, he believes, will change the world profoundly in the coming decade. Azhar argues that unless 20th-century mind-sets and institutions adapt – and he doubts they understand the speed required to do so – a depressing future awaits.

Exponential Technologies

Technology operates, Azhar explains, within a complex system of existing norms, attitudes, cognitive capabilities, economics, geopolitics and international trade.

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