Fair Shot
A review of

Fair Shot

Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn

A Guaranteed Income

by David Meyer

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes proposes a practical solution to widespread inequality: a guaranteed income for all Americans who earn less than $50,0000 annually.

A universal basic income stems from the idea that society should provide all people with a minimum level of income. But that’s not what Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook, argues for in this compelling, original read. Instead, he calls for a more narrow and specific form of income only for those who need it. Hughes grew up in small-town North Carolina in limited circumstances, enjoyed incredible success and so brings a unique perspective to the United States’ current inequities. Hughes believes that a guaranteed income would make society fairer, more humane and more compassionate.

This thoughtful treatise on remaking economic policy has garnered serious consideration from, among others, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who said, “I admire Chris’s commitment to apply his talent, experience and wealth to tackle some of our toughest problems.” Senator Cory Booker said, “As we strive to build a fairer, more inclusive country, Fair Shot is a very important read.” And Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor and bestselling author of Saving Capitalism, added, “Chris Hughes – one of the lucky ones – explains why we need a guaranteed income and how his life experiences have brought him to this conclusion.”

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