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“Fake news” has become a political rallying cry in recent years, but the impact of more and more convincing fake videos or deepfakes gives this cry a very disconcerting edge. Senior editor for artificial intelligence at the MIT Technology Review Will Knight takes a look at how the prevalence and increased sophistication of fake videos or deepfakes is likely to further undermine people’s trust in politics, while at the same time giving politicians loopholes to evade accountability. The article is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the wider implications of technological progress.

About the Author

Will Knight is senior editor for artificial intelligence at MIT Technology Review. He covers the latest advances in AI and related fields.



Creating deepfakes no longer requires sophisticated software and a lot of money.

A deepfake is essentially a digital face-swap, where the face of one person is mapped onto the features of another person. Making a face superimposed onto another body look even remotely realistic used to require huge amounts of money and skill, but technological advances now allow even someone with very few video-editing skills to create believable deepfakes. Technology that has helped make these fake videos easier to produce includes smartphones, powerful and cheaper computer graphic tools and artificial-intelligence software, some of which can be downloaded for free.

Neural networks play an essential part in the creation...

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