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The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Rebecca Minkoff created a global luxury brand by daring to be different. Now, she shares her 21 rules for success.

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How did fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff go from barely covering her rent to transforming a T-shirt design business into a multimillion dollar fashion label? Minkoff attributes her success to hard work and fearlessly forging her own path. In her lively, accessible book, she distills the lessons learned during her career into 21 maxims you can apply to your own unique journey. If you just want to imitate someone else’s success, says Minkoff, follow the template of your predecessors. But if you want to create something totally new, dare to do things differently.


​​​​Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff offers her tips for professional success. First, own your choices.

For two decades, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff worked from the ground up, building her global luxury fashion label. Now, she shares her rules for success. You can choose how you apply these guidelines on your own path toward success. Sometimes pursuing your goals will mean eschewing safe and established conventions, and forging new ways of working. Thus, adopt Minkoff’s advice only when and where you see fit. Remember that true success – however you define it – takes hard work and dedication. Nobody achieves their dreams overnight.

Throughout your formative years, you likely sought permission to do what you wished to do. For example, children must ask their parents or guardians if they want to eat or go outdoors to play. As an adult, don’t ask others to validate your choices before you make them; doing so offloads responsibility onto others for matters you yourself should handle. Instead, embrace your autonomy and direct your own life.

Choose purpose over profit, and give back to your community.

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About the Author

Rebecca Minkoff founded an affordable luxury fashion label in 2001. She hosts Superwomen, a weekly podcast, and is a co-founder of the Female Founder Collective, an organization that connects women business leaders across industries.

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