Summary of A Gift to My Children

A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing

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A Gift to My Children book summary
A warm, inspiring collection of investment – and life – lessons from a great investor to his young daughters


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This short bestseller by Jim Rogers, one of the world’s most renowned investors, is in the form of a letter offering personal guidance and investment advice to his two young daughters. Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund with his partner, George Soros, and established a reputation as an authority on economics, investing and markets. In his 60s, he married for the second time and became a father. In this book – written in first person from “your father” with a slight, sweet undertone of talking down to the children’s level – he tells his daughters many anecdotes about his experiences to illustrate old-fashioned nuggets of fatherly guidance. He recommends saving money, cultivating good habits, working hard, studying and thinking about the future. getAbstract suggests this book to anyone – including those two fortunate little girls – who would welcome a few paternal life-lessons, some good inside-business stories and a side dish of investment advice.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How a father advises his children to build their character and live with contentment;
  • Why star investor Jim Rogers attributes his success to a strong work ethic; and
  • What advice he offers investors, travelers and children.


The Back Story
Jim Rogers grew up in the little town of Demopolis, Alabama. At age six, in 1948, he started a peanut parching business. Thanks to a loan from his father, Rogers was able to invest $100 in a peanut parching machine, so that he could sell dried peanuts at Little League games...
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About the Author

Jim Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros. He wrote A Bull in China, Hot Commodities, Adventure Capitalist and Investment Biker. He has been a professor of finance at Columbia University’s business school and is a media commentator.

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    Inti Inti 2 years ago
    Very good...TY GetAbstract.
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    Guest 4 years ago
    From what I've seen in recent interviews of Jim Rogers on youtube, he has changed his investment opionions a little bit. He currently seems to be bullish on the agricultural sector.

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