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The Girls' Guide to Money and Investing

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Get in the Game book summary
Half of women older than 65 outlive their husbands by 15 years. Ladies: Get in the game.


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Vanessa Summers boosts girl power to a whole new level as she helps young women (that’s better) build secure financial futures. A former model who worked in Hong Kong as a securities broker and then founded a nonprofit organization to educate women about their finances, Summers offers the benefit of diverse experience. She writes with a friendly, simple elegance designed to take the intimidation out of personal financial management in hopes of enabling young women to take control of their finances, invest and achieve their goals. getAbstract appreciates the open-minded enthusiasm that Summers brings to her task and recommends her guidebook to anyone who is ready to control her (or even his) own financial destiny.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why women need to start saving now
  • How to save and invest;
  • How to budget.


Gender Finance
The financial "what ifs" that women face can be staggering. While many women still assume that a man ultimately will help them achieve financial security, women live an average of seven years longer than men. Half of women older than 65 will live 15 years longer than their...
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About the Author

Vanessa Summers is a registered investment advisor in California. She is a former model who became a stockbroker at age 23 and went on to become head of sales at a women’s equity fund. Summers conducts seminars to help young women gain control of their financial lives. She is also founder of the nonprofit Sutra Foundation, which works to enlighten women through the vehicle of financial education.

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