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This book is a great example of the architectural and design mantra, "form follows function." Its "form" is that of an easy-to-read handbook explaining the basics of value investing. Its "function" is to explain how Warren Buffett, a self-made investor who is now worth about $40 billion, used value investing to make his fortune. Buffett’s premise is that people should base their investing strategies on common sense and search out assets that are selling for less than they are worth. For this, you don’t need esoteric mathematical formulas; all you need are the guidelines that this book clearly enumerates. Although author James Pardoe often merely reiterates what Buffett has said in his own books, Pardoe deserves credit nevertheless for packing his handbook with illuminating examples and stories. believes this book will be practical for anyone intimidated by investing, overwhelmed by data or vulnerable to pressure from brokers. In his description of value-investing, Pardoe raises a good question: Why does Wall Street dislike it so much? Buffett’s answer: "It’s too simple."

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which investment techniques made Warren Buffett the world’s most successful investor;
  • Which value-investing basics Buffett learned from his mentor, Ben Graham; and
  • How to make your own decisions about which stocks to buy.

About the Author

James Pardoe is the principal attorney with Pardoe & Associates.



The Most Successful Investor in the World
Many consider Warren Buffett to be the world’s most successful investor. He inherited no money, yet today he is worth more than $40 billion. Despite his success as an investor, most academics and business students do not study his philosophy - ...

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