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Navigating the Mergers and Acquisitions Minefield

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Intelligent M&A book summary
How to be smarter about mergers and acquisitions by using the intelligence you gather – and the sense you already have.


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Scott Moeller and Chris Brady provide an insightful guide on how to be smarter about M&A. Not only do they remind you of everything that should be involved in the process, they help you think through your situation and determine how to avoid stepping on all the lurking landmines. Most mergers and acquisitions do not live up to expectations, and some actually destroy both companies. This happens when the urge to make the deal overcomes good sense and short circuits the use of sensible information. This book helps you ensure that you are pursuing the right deals. The authors provide sound advice on how to gather intelligence, how to use it to evaluate and negotiate the best deals, and how to learn from every deal – whether you close it or not. getAbstract finds their book thoughtful, easy to read and wonderfully concise.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What business intelligence is
  • How gathering and using it will improve your M&A activity
  • Why you should use after-action M&A analysis


How Intelligence Makes for Better M&A
Every business publication has articles about mergers and acquisitions (M&A), from rumors of new deals to optimism about those just closed and regrets about combinations gone sour. Some M&A transactions do succeed, but a surprising number...
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About the Authors

Scott Moeller runs Cass Business School’s executive education program. He worked in academia and industry, and headed a venture capital fund. Chris Brady, dean of Bournemouth University’s business school, completed his postgraduate studies in the Royal Navy.

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