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How to Accelerate Growth through Acquisitions

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Let's Buy a Company book summary
M&A is not just for the big guys. Learn how your small company could benefit from an acquisition – if you do it right.


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The 1980s saw the beginning of the greatest merger boom in history. Year after year, the number of mergers and acquisitions climbed. Mergers between large companies make headlines, but companies of any size may find it beneficial to engage in mergers and acquisitions. Author H. Lee Rust explains the basics of acquisitions in clear, simple prose for companies that are too small to make the evening news. His book will be most useful to small- and medium-sized firms whose leaders lack experience in acquisitions. He provides sound, practical advice, easy-to-use checklists, and a CD-ROM workbook with spreadsheets, calculations, sample letters and more. If you manage a small company, getAbstract suggests reading this book before you get involved in your first acquisition.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What "10 commandments" to follow during an acquisition;
  • Why many small companies fail at acquisitions;
  • What the alternatives are to merging or acquiring; and
  • What steps to take to close your deal.


Three conditions must exist before you can begin to consider an acquisition: "There must be something to buy" - Appropriate companies may not exist in sufficient numbers in your field. Or, they may already have merged. Urban radio stations, for example, have been merging ...
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About the Author

H. Lee Rust has been a corporate financial consultant for over two decades. He specializes in helping small companies grow through acquisitions.

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