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Challenging Metrics Myths

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M&A Deal Evaluation summary
Beware of myopic performance metrics when assessing mergers and acquisitions.


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According to management consultants Philip Dunne and Angus Hodgson, major stakeholders in mergers and acquisitions tend to overemphasize earnings per share (EPS) as a metric for assessing potential success. However, “EPS accretion” doesn’t necessarily enhance shareholder value, nor does “EPS dilution” always destroy it. Other measures can be more valuable in predicting whether an M&A deal will prosper. getAbstract recommends this astute overview to executives and investors considering an M&A transaction now or in the future.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why mergers and acquisitions often fail to enhance shareholder value,
  • Why earnings per share should not be your only M&A evaluation tool, and
  • Why executing “fact-based due diligence” is the best way to predict M&A success.


A substantial proportion of mergers and acquisitions fail to enhance shareholder value. Often, the problem is due to poor integration efforts between companies. However, in many cases, an M&A transaction flops because the deal’s stakeholders have placed inordinate emphasis on the new entity’s potential...
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About the Authors

Philip Dunne is a partner with global management consultancy A.T. Kearney, where Angus Hodgson is a principal.

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