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Trading Chicago Style book summary
You gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em when you are a Chicago-style day trader. And starting young doesn’t hurt either.


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This book is a series of discussions between author Neil T. Weintraub and some of the most successful people trading on the Chicago markets today. Like the trades, the information flies fast and furious, and one trader’s ideas may completely contradict another’s. But most seem to agree that the keys to successful trading are discipline, psychological stability and a solid understanding of risk management. You will succeed in the Chicago markets if you keep your cool and stick to your system, no matter what’s happening. This chat-happy book offers many perspectives, ideas and experiences from extremely knowledgeable sources. The uninitiated reader might find it difficult to follow some of the more jargon-laden discussions and the initiated reader might find the chattiness to be disturbing or irrelevant. But regardless of which category you’re in, getAbstract recommends this book as a valuable introduction or a helpful trade manual.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why “trading Chicago style” is;
  • What traders can learn from gamblers;
  • What the ten rules for trading are; and
  • How to get started.


Trading Chicago Style: Yesterday and Tomorrow
The phrase "trading Chicago style" - with its images of screaming, arm-waving people - used to strike fear into the hearts of the uninitiated. For the most part, trading Chicago style is still the same as it ever was. But it is on the verge...
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About the Author

Neil Weintraub, author of the best-selling Tricks of the Floor Trader , has years of experience as a floor trader and Commodity Trading Adviser. He currently teaches his own day-trading method to floor traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

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