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Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl book summary


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When it comes to investing, no one can match Warren Buffett. LouAnn Lofton, an editor for The Motley Fool financial services firm, compellingly argues that Buffett is a great investor because he activates deliberative “feminine” wisdom when making investment choices. That’s the book’s most inventive thought. The solid investing advice is comfortably traditional and even a bit repetitive. However, the just “like-a-girl” title draws attention to Buffett’s studious, informed, reasonable investing style, which mirrors the traits of many women investors. Lofton explains why she believes this is the ideal investing temperament. getAbstract recommends her straightforward report to potential investors, particularly those who want to be like Warren...that is, rich, successful and in touch with his feminine side, at least when it comes to money.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why having a feminine temperament is ideal for an investor,
  • How Warren Buffett’s stock-selection approach reflects the way most women invest and
  • What tactics Buffett’s stock-buying principles suggest to ordinary investors.

About the Author

LouAnn Lofton, managing editor for online content at the multimedia Motley Fool financial services firm, is assistant editor of The Motley Fool Stock Advisor.



The Right Temperament for Successful Investing
Warren Buffett is the “greatest investor of all time.” The book value of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett’s umbrella investment firm, increased 490,409% from 1964 to 2009. For more than four decades, Buffett’s compounded annual book value has been...

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    Roger Bösch Test 6 years ago
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    Joél Steinmann 6 years ago
    this is very interesting. Warren Buffet is an icon of modern money games. he is both strongly gifted in analyzing a company's value and working with people he likes. that seems to me a very modern and fair way as an investor. Furthermore, I like the paragraph about increasing fees of shortterm investments. This would help the economy re-gain it's stability and would cut off casino games which are after all just interesting for a few rich people to become even richer.

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