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How to Get Things Done at Home, Organize Your Life, and Feel Great About It

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Organize your life and have time left over for what you love.

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Somehow Laura Stack, the “Productivity Pro,” makes greater efficiency at home seem easy to attain. She encourages systematic, thorough evaluation of your time-management strengths and weaknesses, and lays out the “eight pillars” that form the foundation for a smoothly functioning life. Her workbook is not a quick read, but it’s full of organizing tips and useful recommendations on where to find the tools and resources you need to de-clutter. getAbstract recommends this how-to manual for those who want to have it all, including free weekends.


Master Eight Areas to Control Your Time

Eight “pillars” provide the infrastructure you need to make your life work. If one or more of these pillars needs attention, your “house” is in danger of falling down.

“First Pillar: Plans”

To begin planning your new approach, create an individual “mission statement.” Write what you hope to accomplish each day. To help you clarify how you measure success, identify your most important values and write a paragraph about each one. Develop three specific goals in each area. Assign every goal a date so you can check your progress. Reward yourself when you reach it.

Think about the ways you can add flexibility to your schedule – perhaps telecommuting, compressing your workweek or job sharing. Consult with your boss to ensure that the company measures your contribution by what you accomplish, not the amount of time you spend at your desk. Consider the results you want at the end of every day.

Use “to do” lists to stay organized. Work from a “master list” that includes all the things you need to get done; keep one list for work and another one for home. These lists should be dynamic; add things as you think of them...

About the Author

Laura Stack, the “Productivity Pro,” is a best-selling author, speaker and expert on personal productivity. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies.

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