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8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change


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Uncover eight powerful strategies to enhance your ability to thrive in an environment of constant change.

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Like many leaders today, you may feel the modern environment of dynamic change challenges your ability to adapt, let alone thrive. A world in flux requires a mind-set shift, one that treats constant change as the new normal. April Rinne calls on you to discover your superpowers: eight counterintuitive, yet well-grounded practices that will help you rethink your relationship with change. Rinne argues that everything you do affects how you navigate change. Integrating the author’s essential mind-set shifts into your daily life gives you the resilience you need to forge ahead.


Change is the new normal now, so learn to adapt to it.

Change surrounds you. With the constant flux in the economy, the pandemic, new weather patterns, social tensions and workplaces out of kilter, the future no longer feels predictable – even though it never was.You might welcome some changes, such as a new job or new relationship, but most people prefer the predictable status quo.You may feel anxious and out of balance – not only because of the uncertainty and fear that unexpected change brings, but also because of how quickly change now occurs. Change is the new normal now, so learn to adapt to it.

People follow personal paths or scripts that define their values and help them map out their futures. In an ever-changing world, these scripts break. Moreover, these scripts don’t ask you to reflect on what you truly want.

Embracing the “theory of flux” helps you adapt to a changing world:

  • Embrace a flux mind-set. Open your mind to see change not as a threat, but as an opportunity. Find the core values that guide you, and embrace these values – such as faith in others, trust or a belief in diversity. Recognize...

About the Author

Adviser and speaker April Rinne focuses on the new economy, the future of work and global citizenship.

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