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Forever Employable

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Forever Employable

How to Stop Looking for Work and Let Your Next Job Find You

Jeff Gothelf,

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Feeling anxious about the future? You can secure your long-term success by building your personal brand.

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Jeff Gothelf seemed to be living the career dream. He was making good money as a software designer and as a manager of other designers. But Gothelf felt anything but good about his future. He fully expected his skills to atrophy long before he was ready to retire. So, Gothelf decided to ditch his career and pursue a risky new strategy of positioning himself as a thought leader. In this slim volume, Gothelf tells his own story and also lays out a roadmap for others hoping to chart a course toward financial independence and lasting relevance.


In an era of uncertainty, it’s possible to “future-proof” yourself and your income.

For many workers today, the economy is a scary place. You might not enjoy your job. You’re probably worried that the torrid pace of change could render your skills useless. And you probably need the paycheck. In the United States, the average American family has a nest egg of less than $9,000. This reality leaves many workers feeling trapped in jobs they don’t really like and fretful about the future. The alternative is to transform yourself so that you’re “forever employable”: adaptable enough to survive change and independent enough to do what you love.

There are five main actions involved in future-proofing yourself:

  1. Embrace an entrepreneurial mind-set – Many workers think like employees, passively accepting whatever opportunities present themselves. To become forever employable, you need to constantly search out opportunities, then find ways to convert those opportunities into successes.
  2. Be confident in yourself – Each person possesses a wealth of skills, knowledge and experiences. ...

About the Author

Jeff Gothelf helps organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better projects. He is the co-author of Lean UX  and of Sense and Respond. He also works as a coach, consultant and speaker.

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