Four Thousand Weeks
A review of

Four Thousand Weeks

Time Management for Mortals

Oliver BurkemanFSG • 2021

Time Has Come Today

by David Meyer

Bestseller Olivier Burkeman offers a Zen method for accepting the passage and limitations of time.

In this instant New York Times bestseller, journalist and psychology writer Oliver Burkeman reflects on time, postulating that, in a world where there never seems to be enough of it, you should take time for yourself and enjoy living. He challenges you to change your outlook on time, and to accept that you can’t control or manage it. Instead, he says, acknowledge the limits time imposes, and enjoy the time you have today.

Burkeman tosses various classical and contemporary scholars, philosophers, psychologists and spiritual gurus into a blender to distill a readable, direct, actionable guide to a healthier outlook. He offers a new, less stressful, more rewarding view of time itself and of how you relate to its passing. He’s a witty, nonjudgmental and compassionate writer; his kindness makes his lessons all the more digestible.

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