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Hoyt Barber is a tax-haven guru and offshore-funds protection specialist. You can use his hands-on methods to reduce or even eliminate your US taxes by moving your capital to Belize, the Cook Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Panama, Dominica or other tax havens – and by relinquishing your US citizenship. Despite his solid financial counsel, Barber takes up a lot of space with discordant political predictions of America’s fiscal doom that may strain your patience, credulity and patriotism. getAbstract finds his asset protection strategies potentially interesting, but we’d point out that as usual the opinions expressed in the abstract are those of the author alone.

About the Author

Hoyt Barber, president of Barber Financial Advisors, has served as a financial consultant to wealthy international clients and is the author of Secrets of Swiss Banking.



Get Out of Town

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans move out of the United States. As more baby boomers retire, this exodus will increase. The stifling US bureaucracy, the uncertain national economy, and the desire to avoid taxes or financial regulations and to preserve wealth motivates many people to leave.

Moving to a country with a considerable lower cost of living – but not a lower standard of living – has strong appeal. A sunny, warm and pleasant climate only increases that attraction. Most Americans – and also Canadians – may not be ready to pull up stakes and move to another country, but many would like to take advantage of enticing opportunities in wealth-friendly, low-tax, less financially regulated nations by moving their assets out of North America.

Take control and do some “sovereign investing.” Seek out and invest in stable currencies. Today’s attractive currencies include the Mexican peso and the Brazilian real. Gold is a worthy investment and so is silver bullion. Other smart investments include energy stocks, defense stocks and commodity stocks, but stay away from bonds.


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