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Get Promoted

What You’re Really Missing at Work That’s Holding You Back

Embrace Power

by David Meyer

Executive coach and Madrid’s IE Business School lecturer Michael Wenderoth offers unsentimental, pragmatic steps to gain promotions and power at work.

To gain promotion, you must adopt a new attitude toward power, argues executive coach and Madrid’s IE Business School lecturer Michael Wenderoth. He teaches why power is essential for career success, how to gain power at work, what holds you back and strategies for pushing yourself forward.

No Fair

The world doesn’t play fair. Like it or not, Michael Wenderoth asserts, you need a power strategy to reach your goals. Hard work, late nights, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations won’t qualify you for a promotion. What matters is power and influence – who you know, who knows you and the resources you wield.

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    L. D. 8 months ago
    This is very true, and I can relate. Hard work and late nights, even commitment on steroids, do not guarantee any form of promotion. You have to unfortunately ask for what you want as frustrating as it may be. It won't happen magically.