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Getting Rich Your Own Way

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Getting Rich Your Own Way

Achieve All Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible


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The wealthy are different from you and me: they have more money. Here's how to be just as rich, but earn it your way.

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 If wealth is your goal, help yourself to a serving of some vintage Brian Tracy advice. He offers a tasty stew of maxims, aphorisms, anecdotes and general words of wisdom that will motivate you to become better at what you do, in order to become richer. As the master of self-help books, Tracy offers practical advice, encouragement, motivation and effective techniques for self-improvement. In this book, he tells you how to help yourself to money.


Golden Opportunities

Old world immigrants who crowded aboard creaky boats to cross the ocean to a better life used to tell stories during the voyage. As they waited for the coast of America to appear like a mirage of hope on the horizon, they repeated yarns about streets that were paved with gold. America's wealth, they said, was boundless and its opportunities endless.

In many ways, the opportunities they imagined generations ago are real. Anyone can become a success. Anyone. That's not to say it will be easy. In fact, the odds are against you if you intend to become rich. To attain a higher level of prosperity, you have to do more than merely wish for it. You must discipline yourself, your attitudes, your habits and your behavior. But, if you feel, think and do the right things over and over, you will achieve your ambition.

Once, while presenting that message to 1,200 people, author Brian Tracy watched as a mentally-challenged young man pushed to the front of the audience and demanded in a loud voice, "Mister Tracy, Mister Tracy, can I be a success too?" Suddenly Tracy felt he was on the spot. While he wondered what to say, the young fellow added that he lived...

About the Author

Brian Tracy, chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, is a trainer, consultant, motivator, and author of the best-selling Create Your Own Future, among many other books. He addresses up to 450,000 people a year.

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